Is Phentermine the right choice ? 
Phentermine has been used as weight loss drug for some time now. Since its discovery and approval in 1959 it has been sold under various names and manufactured by various pharmaceutical companies. Although this drug has been largely successful, there have been some cases of potent side effects with respect to some users. Thus, it is normally advised to consult a physician or a doctor before this drug is administered.

The Wonder Drug: Phentermine

Before You Buy Phentermine
There are some conditions that a potential user should be aware of prior to purchasing this drug. People with high blood pressure, a history of heart disease, overactive thyroid, and glaucoma are generally advised against using this product. Pregnant or breastfeeding women are also advised against the use of this drug as it can have adverse effects on the development of the baby. This drug is also prohibited for people with a record of drug or alcohol abuse or those who are prone to allergic reactions caused due to some medicines, chemicals, amphetamines, stimulants and/or cold medication. Since this drug affects the central nervous system of the body, it should not be consumed by a person below the age of sixteen.
Possible Side Effects of Phentermine
There are certain side effects of this drug that the potential users should be aware of before they buy Phentermine. These side effects are not commonly seen and may sometimes be a result of high dosage. Sometimes the side effects are short lived as the body tends to adjust to the drug over the period of use and once the body acclimatizes, they tend to vanish. Some of the most common side effects observed by patients include unpleasant taste in the mouth, sore throat, drowsiness, vision problems caused due to eye irritation, upset stomach and vomiting.
In some extreme cases, however, more potent side effects have been observed including long term insomnia, constipation, frequent mood swings, and acute depression. These side effects are not commonly prevalent, nonetheless, they have been reported by some users so it is advised to thoroughly research before you decide to buy phentermine.
Phentermine Review
Phentermine reviews suggests a mixed response. While the overwhelming number of reviews indicate that this product has proved to be very useful to the users, there are some reviews about the users having a bad experience with the drug due to the extreme side effects it causes. There a number of websites which contain phentermine reviews by past users. This also includes the kind of diet and meal plan that they followed along with this drug to speed up weight loss with minimum side effects. However, it should be noted that every individual should take due care before consuming this drug as it does not have a uniform effect on all users.
A phentermine review to great degree paints an accurate picture of the drug's efficiency in the large population, however over time there have been some instances, where a particular variation of this drug has caused problems throughout its users and thus should be taken only after consulting a medical professional even though a potential user does not require a prescription to buy phentermine.

Classification of the Drug
This drug is classified as a Schedule IV drug by the Convention on Psychotropic Substances internationally, and within the United States it is classified as a controlled substance under the Controlled Substances Act.
This drug has proven to be a great aid for people looking to lose weight within a specified period of time. It is usually advised for a short term by the Food and Drug Administration, which is typically interpreted as a 12 week period. After this it is recommended that the user continues a healthy diet and a continuous exercise regimen to maintain and further lose weight. This drug is fundamentally supposed to help the user to begin losing weight for a short period of time and then the user should stop relying on this drug as prolonged use, as has happened in certain cases, may cause heart related problems and blood pressure fluctuations.
The use of this drug along with a healthy diet and regular exercise has proved to be beneficial for almost all the users of this drug. To draw maximum benefit from this drug, the potential users are advised to research thoroughly on the effects and workings of this drug to ensure that it does not harm them in any way due to any allergic reactions or any other clash with the medication that they may be on already.
Though a prescription is not normally required for the purchase of this drug, it is highly recommended that the potential user consult a doctor prior to administering this drug as then it would ensure the elimination or reduction of any foreseeable harmful side effects that may or may not be unique or applicable to the particular individual.
There are many websites that offer this drug for purchase. Since it is manufactured by many pharmaceutical companies it is sold under different names in the market. This difference in names sometimes also indicates a particular combination of chemicals and therefore, before buying one should be aware of the specific type.

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